Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Have You Ever Lost Someone Close to you?

Have you ever lost anyone close to you. To name a few I have lost my brother, Granny, Grandpa, numerous close friends throughout the years, and most recently my boyfriend. Having someone die close to you can be very hard. Even with all of the losses I have had throughout the years, losing Justin was the hardest. In the last three months I have had a hard time grasping the loss and how to move on. I have good days and bad day, but in all I think I am holding up. I have always felt as if I had to be the strong one.
Emotions are not something that I show very well, but what keeps me going is my Faith. I do have Faith in God and Heaven, but I watched a movie today that gave me a new look on life. The movie "Heaven is For Real" was such an eye opener. I have to say I cried the entire way through the movie, but it gave me this feeling of calmness. I know Justin is in Heaven, and so many other I knew as well. If you have lost anyone close to you, watch this movie. Even if you do not believe in God or Heaven, I think you would enjoy the movie. It is the accounts of a 4 year old that went to Heaven, it is an amazing story. Heartfelt and sincere, and based on the true recollection from this little boy.

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