Sunday, May 13, 2012

Single Mom on Welfare

I have been reading about different things online with single moms. I have noticed that there are so many people that try to put single moms down that are on welfare, and all of the stereotypes are so wrong. Believe me, I know that there are a lot of women out there that abuses the system, but not everyone.

I am a single mom on welfare, but I am using welfare to help me stay afloat without losing everything. I am also trying to improve my life. I work full time, I try to earn money online, and I am going to school in August so that I can better mine and my sons life. There are a lot of single moms that want to give there children a better life, and I wish all of them could realize that they can do it. No one said it would be easy. I know I have a constant day to day struggle, and it will be even harder for me once I start school. I plan on working hard to get off of welfare, but at the moment I honestly need it. So yes I am a single mom on welfare, and I am thankful that I am getting help to make sure my son is taken care of.

Now to those who do abuse the welfare system, what you do is wrong. If you can afford to spend money on your nails, hair, name brand clothing, expensive electronics, and other things that I know I could not afford, you do not need welfare. You are taking advantage of the system that should be helping others that are living on the street or may be losing everything, including there children, if they do not get help. This is especially to those that do not work, but leave there kids with there parents so that they can go drink and God only knows what else. I do think that there should be drug tests on anyone who receives welfare, because if they can afford drugs they do not need help. I give applause to single moms because it is hard, but some women just do not have there priorities in order.

Yes I am a single mom on welfare. I work full time, I start school in August, I get no child support at all and I do not plan to use welfare as a permanent crutch in my life. Welfare is temporary for me, as it should be for anyone. We should all want to be able to provide for our families without the governments assistance.

I saw this pic and completely agree. Welfare is not an occupation, it is just a form of help so that you can get through a tough time, not live on it forever.

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  1. HEY!!!! KICKASS WOMAN! I stumbled upon your blog accidentally. Come check out my blog too. Great to see other single mom's on welfare blogging.