Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I am Officially a Mommy

My son Torrie, was born on June 10th, via cesarean. He was a big boy, 9 pounds .08oz and 21 inches long. It is indescribable how I felt the first time I saw him, heard him cry, and hold him. I have never felt so much love for someone. Having him has given me a great purpose in life, and that is making sure he is always cared for no matter what. I will make sacrifices in life to give him everything that he needs, and hopefully I will be able to give him things that are just wants as well.

To make sure he is taken care of for the next few weeks of maternity leave I have shifted my focus to working more online. I am getting into a schedule of working when I can, and trying to get more work accomplished in a short amount of time. Before now my online income was not a necessity, but it is now. I can not work for another five weeks, so I have got to have a continuing income to make sure he has the things he needs.

I have to give it to single moms everywhere, it is not easy. I have help from friends and family, but it is still hard trying to get used to taking care of your child, and not letting yourself go. I am less than two weeks into being a single mom, and it is hard, but so worth it.