Monday, January 30, 2012

Single Mom Scheduling

I will be starting school in August and I work full time. With a 8 month old baby at home I am trying to figure out my schedule. Life is already hectic without school, so what is it going to be like when I start classes. I have been thinking about it a lot. Single moms are all busy people and adding school to the schedule makes it even tougher.

What I am going to try to make my single mom schedule manageable;

  • Try to have more online classes since the school is 40 miles away. If the classes can not be online I will try to schedule it so that I can have at least one day off from school and work to spend with my son.
  • Start part time classes if possible so that I can adjust my new single mom schedule.
  • Make all doctor and other appointments in between school and work so that I have my free days.
  • Keep a very strict schedule all the time so that I can make the most of my time. My organizer is going to be my best friend once I start school!
  • Always remember that all of the hard work is to make a better life for my son, this should keep me going.
I am a single mom whom does not get any child support. I also take care of my nieces, nephew, mom, and disabled sister. Getting the financed and scheduling all taken care of is already a very hard job, but I know that going back to school is going to help us all. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Trying to Keep it all Together

Wow the last month or so has been so hectic and I am trying to keep it all together. It started with a coworker getting hurt, on the night that she came back to work i actually fell and hurt my knee. Since that day I am driving 71 miles three times a week for therapy and a couple of times I have even had to make that drive four days. I am trying to be a single mom, work 40+ hours a week, take a 70 mile round trip three or more times a week, and still keep up with vehicle repairs and other things that tend to come up all the time.

I have been tired, but have not really felt it until today. Our heater went out on the vehicle and it has been in the teens every day. I took the truck to the shop and spent more than $500 on a new pump, thermostat, oil change, and labor. Even with that the heater is still not working. It may be an easy fix, and it may take a few hundred more dollars. I am trying to keep it all together but it is getting hard. I just keep telling myself that it is in Gods hands. He has taken care of us with so many blessings in the last few month and I know he will help me get through this.

Even though I do have complete faith, it takes a lot out of me to keep going. I am to the point where I would love to curl up in a corner somewhere just for a couple of days. I am an optimistic, I believe that live is just happening and I could have it so much worse. It will get better and I am praying that it will be a less expensive fix on the truck than expected.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back to School

I have made a big step in my five year plan, I am returning to school. I already received my acceptance letter from Pike Peakes Community College in Colorado Springs, CO. I will be going to get my associates degree in applied science focused on business management.It is a two year program and there are so many opportunities for this field of work.

I decided to choose something that I know and I am good at. I have seen so many single moms decide to take courses in medicine or other things, that they do not use. There are at least five women that I personally know that has a degree in some medical field, but they are sitting at home not using the skills they learned because they were not really interested in the field. They actually thought it would be easy money, and nothing in life is easy.

I am scared of this big step in my life. It is even scarier to me than becoming a single mom. I have faith though, I will work hard and focus on our future. This is something that I am doing for both my son and I. Life is to short to just wait for something to happen, we have to make things happen, and that is exactly what I am doing. I am making my life better for me and my family.