Saturday, May 4, 2013

On to the Third Semester of School

I have finally gotten well enough to return to work full time, and still going to school full time. Today is the last day of semester two, and it feels good to get through. Semester three starts May 26th.

School has gotten very difficult through the first two semesters. I think it is because I have had so many things going on, but school is hard. You have to work for your degree, no matter what personal problems you have in your life.

The best tip I can give any single mom on going back to school is to schedule your time and study hard from the first day. It is hard when you have a little one knocking at the door or yelling in your ear, but you have to figure out times that work best for you.

Personally I work until 10:30-11 p, then I study until about 2am. Some days it is even later. Nights are the best time for me to study in quiet. I can do a few things during the day, but I cannot grasp anything with the noise in my house during the day.

There have been days that I wanted to just give up, but then I think about my life. I would be stuck in a minimum wage job and never be able to move up. My business management degree is what I need to make me and my sons future better.

NEVER GIVE UP! It will be worth the hard work.

Thank God for the motivation and the opportunity.