Thursday, July 28, 2011

Getting Adjusted and Making Changes

I have now been a mommy for almost 7 weeks, and I am adjusting pretty well. I have had a few problems like the baby in the hospital, not being able to work, and now moving to Colorado. I have my son in a good routine and he is actually a great baby. He doesn't cry a lot and he sleeps through the night. He has been a big blessing in my life.

Now my big concern is trying to take care of him financially. My family and I are moving to Colorado on the 13th of August, and I am going to be responsible for my son as well as everyone else. My mom and sister is not able to work, and my sister has three beautiful children that I want to make sure are cared for. I am hoping I can find a job fairly quick when we get to Colorado. I have been putting my application in everywhere, and will put in even more once I get up there. Our rent is paid in full up until October 5th, so that gives me a little time to get a couple of paychecks, but not much time to find a job.


We have all got to make big changes with this move. The first thing that is the biggest is to save money everywhere that we can. I have learned that every penny counts, and I am getting the family into doing the same thing. Money is going to be the biggest factor in this move, and I have to find ways to get more coming in and keeping as much in the home as I possibly can.

The kids have to adjust to making new friends and a new school, which is something that they are not looking forward to. My sisters kids are 8, 11, and 12 and they have lived in the same home since the oldest one was 2. This is a big adjustment for all of them. The reason that all of them are coming is that there dad left my sister after 20 years together, and he is not supporting them in any way. He is supposed to pay child support, but has already gotten behind on that.

I am going to have to adjust to being away from my baby a lot. I have gotten used to being here when he wakes up, eats, bathes, and goes to sleep so missing any part of that is going to be hard. I have to think about his future though. If I can not get financially stable now, then it is going to affect his future. I want him to have much more than I did when I was growing up.

My entire family is going to have a lot of problems adjusting, but this move is for the best. We will be moving away from the people that has had the biggest negative effect in our lives, and having a new beginning. I know that it is in Gods hands, and it will all work out if we make sure that we work hard on making it happen.