Sunday, May 15, 2011

I am Blessed in so Many Ways!

I am due in three weeks, and have been worried about taking maternity leave for a while. Next weekend will be my last weekend to work, if I make it that long :). Since my hours had been cut back I have had to get into my savings account to pay bills, and now only have $50 in it. It was scaring me so much.

I have learned that prayers can be answered. I have received everything that I need for the baby as gifts; car seat, baby bed, stroller, pack n play, nursing pads, clothing (up to 9 months worth), and diapers. I am sure I will need a few other things after I bring him home, but this is a great start. I am expecting a $50 coupon for CVS by the end of the week. I will use it on a few other items that I know I will need.

In addition to all of the great items that I have received I have also had another blessing. As some of you know I write online for a variety of sites to make a little extra money. One of those sites decided to purchase the rights to all of my articles that I had published. I will be receiving $350 for two months. It just so happens that the two months that I will be paid from the site is the two months I am taking maternity leave, that God for this blessing. This money will cover my necessities through maternity leave. I live with my family, so I am not having to pay a lot of extra bills during this time.

With the money from selling my article rights, doing misc online work, gifts from friends, my purchasing items well in advance, and the support from my family I have been blessed enough that I will not be a complete stressed out new single mommy. I am thankful for everything! Thank you God!