Saturday, September 22, 2012

Injured, Unemployed, Single Mom, and Going back to School.

Just the headline is a mouth full, but that is my current predicament. The last few weeks have been crazy. I have been trying to adjust to my classes, work online as much as I can, deal with doctors appointments, medical tests, taking pain pills, and still being a mom. It has been difficult, but I am adjusting fairly well.

The first couple of weeks in school were so confusing to me, but I am now ahead of the schedule in my classes. I have set up a perfect way for me to schedule each of my days, and know exactly what needs to be accomplished each day. It took me a little while to see what I needed to do. My process may be different for other single moms going back to school, but be sure that you determine a technique for you to be productive each day and not miss any assignments. Scheduling is a must for moms, single moms, students, and most people that want to have a productive life.

Tips for Passing Online College Courses

School is going great, but I am still trying to deal with this injury. I have injured my entire right side. I am having a MRI next Friday on my back, they believe I have slipped disks. In the next few weeks I will also have to have MRI's on my arm and leg. The process takes so much time, and it is driving me crazy. I lost my job due to this injury, so I need to find another job soon. I am in so much pain that I do not think I could begin a job, but I am also considering the fact that I would not want to begin a job and then find out I need surgery. Waiting drives me nuts!

Surviving as an Injured, Unemployed, Single Mom

I am taking all of this the best way I can. I happen to be a very positive and spiritual person. I know that God has a plan for me, and this is just a bump in my road. There is a reason in life for everything, we just have to ask for directions to getting to our destination. I have more time with my son, I am able to work more on my online business, and I have been able to concentrate on school. (all A's so far) Money is a concern, but I know it will work out one way or another.

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